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The Best Way to Increase End-to-End Visibility: A Supply Chain Visibility Platform

 Most companies vastly underestimate the  importance of supply chain visibility. It is critical for organizations to uncover and understand the key drivers that are restricting  their global supply chain visibility. 

According to the “Supply Chain Visibility Report 2020” by EFT, the lack of industry collaboration isa primary obstacle to companies having true visibility:

  •  40 percent of respondents mentioned collaborations as a hurdle to  enhancing their visibility. 
  • 15 percent stated they did not perceive a return on investment as a good enough reason to invest in visibility, and
  • 20 percent mentioned other hurdles as a challenge. 

The trouble with collaboration stems from the lack of data timeliness and automation between those involved in the supply chain. While trust is built over  time, the shortest way to collaboration lies through sharing information. When all the parties involved have access to the information within the supply chain, mutual data exchange creates an opportunity for better and more reliable collaboration among all counterparts. That’s where the value of global supply chain visibility can really prove its value.

The best way to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility is by investing in partnership with a visibility software partner. Robust supply chain visibility software solutions create a neutral,  transparent space for all supply chain members to collaborate and allow visibility into operations, transactions, and shipments. All components and processes of the supply chain can be seen and tracked in real-time, creating a cohesive environment. 

A supply chain visibility platform is an integrated software solution that enables the tracking of products from raw materials and capital equipment to finished goods as they are transported from the manufacturer to the end consumer. Apart from shipment tracking, visibility software offers analytics capabilities and streamlines operations across every link of the supply chain. 

What Are the Benefits of a Supply Chain Visibility Platform?

A supply chain visibility (SCV) platform is an essential tool for comprehensive and transparent global supply chain management. It can help businesses streamline operations, track shipments, and monitor third-party, inbound and outbound transactions in real-time, as well as see historical data and analyze supply chain gaps. SCV software also unlocks opportunities to  proactively manage multiple levels of supply chain exceptions. This technology enables  companies to optimize their supply chains, improve on-time delivery rates, reduce operational and labor costs, automate processes, and increase collaboration and communication with all the stakeholders and interested parties.  

Automation of Manual Tasks

A supply chain visibility platform eliminates the need for manual tracking and tracing, which significantly improves overall supply chain performance and reduces errors. With AI-enabled technology, a visibility platform quickly detects bottlenecks across the supply chain. This automation reduces labor costs, puts more supply chain gaps into the spotlight, improves on-time delivery, and increases overall efficiency across global processes and operations. 

Data-Driven Decisions

Supply chain visibility enables companies to easily access and view historical data that can be used to build and evolve a supply chain strategy. Full-featured visibility software provides end-to-end supply chain visibility, not only through shipment tracking but also through streamlined operations. With a data-driven approach, you can centralize data and get the best results. One of the key benefits of visibility software is that it removes the burden of tedious and manual tasks, enabling you to focus on the bigger picture. 

 Better Connectivity 

End-to-end visibility benefits manufacturers, vendors, distributors, retailers, and end customers by providing transparency into transactions, clear communication, and real-time control. Current supply chains are complex and global, which means collaboration and connectivity become essential in this dynamic environment. The more visibility and integration you have across your supply chain, the better this large and complex ecosystem functions. 

Excellent Customer Service 

Letting your customers access tracking for their orders is no longer an option but a necessity. More than 35 percent of customers experienced unexpected late deliveries in 2020. A supply chain visibility platform provides your end consumers with the ability to track their goods  in real time. In addition to providing complete transparency, this software can also provide updates on potential delays or help avoid them, which results in superior customer service and greater retention. 

Reach End-to-End Visibility with the Agistix Platform

Agistix can position your firm to address all of your supply chain challenges with our comprehensive visibility software. Our key advantage is a seamless integration that requires no change to your regular business flow. After implementation, you will see results in as little as four weeks, with benefits that include: 

  • Reduced costs
  • Automated operations
  • End-to-end visibility into any transaction and shipment
  • Improved order fulfillment and inventory
  • Reduced labor costs
  • A proactive approach to detecting supply chain gaps 

We profoundly understand the pain points of your supply chain. Our extensive business expertise means we can offer a multifunctional, easy-to-use software solution that will provide unparalleled visibility into your global supply chain. Want to find out more? Contact us today!


Trevor Read

President at Agistix based in San Francisco. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for data, and technology. I am results-oriented and committed to developing fast-deployment solutions to help customers seize the new opportunity coming from big data in the global supply chain.

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