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Freight Carriers

Visibility infrastructure that seamlessly integrates with your customers’ tech requirements

Shipment tracking and cargo monitoring with Agistix

Status updates are easy, whether a driver on the road, or a control tower team. Anyone can quickly provide updates on shipments in a consistent structure.

With Agistix, you don’t have to worry about your technical capabilities and can easily connect through EDI, APIs, TMS, or other systems to receive actionable, on-time data.
Our platform provides infrastructure and automation to not only leverage data from key supply chain partners, but also securely share your own data in a convenient and reliable way.


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A single solution for freight management

Go beyond container tracking and get a bigger picture of the entire transportation process.
With a realistic understanding of what’s happening at each stage, a visibility platform will improve shipper-carrier relationships and provide long-term benefits to you and your customers.

Monitor cargo and get real-time, actionable data from all stakeholders

Access logistics data beyond the borders and modes: from dock to dock across the air, land, and sea.

Agistix helps you connect the dots between carriers, suppliers, vendors, and shippers whether they use intermodal, multimodal or single mode transportation.

Shipment tracking without borders

Whether you move freight under a single carrier contract or under multiple ones, you can count on our visibility solutions.

Intermodal freight tracking

To eliminate transportation gaps and track intermodal containers properly, shippers first need not just supply chain visibility solutions, but direct access to data.

We support common data standards and interpret this information the right way. Supply chain visibility software improves inbound logistics transparency and intermodal freight tracking as well.

Container drayage tracking

Container drayage plays a critical role in the entire inbound supply chain. Proper equipment and freight tracking options are crucial for effective drayage transportation.

With Agistix, you can get through the shortest links of your supply chains.

Multimodal cargo monitoring

We give multimodal in-transit supply chain visibility to our clients, providing insights into what is going on through their entire supply chain.

Transportation managers and carriers can build cost-cutting initiatives, streamline their supply chain, monitor performance, and identify bottlenecks using our actionable insights.

How does it work?

Integration on your terms

No matter what technology you are using, Agistix integrates with your systems and gives you a single command center for all shipment data. This includes all inbound and outbound orders and shipments, modes, service levels, and geographies.

Increase on-time deliveries

See and address all potential challenges before they have a chance to make an impact. With real-time in-transit data, automatic alerts and updates, and analytics reports, you can optimize your transportation decisions.

Access to the best logistics providers

Expand your network and find reliable, high-quality logistics partners that already benefit from Agistix infrastructure. Diversification of logistics providers and customers will keep your fleet busy and revenues growing.

Tweak your technology and stay connected

Changing tools and technology is a common practice among carriers, and we adapt to your processes. Upgrade whatever you need, because Agistix integrates with EDI, APIs, and other technologies even if you don’t have a TMS installed.

Intermodal freight tracking

With hundreds or thousands of shipments in progress at any moment, you simply can’t monitor everything as it happens. Agistix does that for you, delivering at-a-glance, real-time tracking across all your customers’ transportation processes.

Data security and compliance

We provide secure cloud infrastructure for your data, services, and storage. Apart from reducing IT costs and 24/7 access to the system, it also facilitates integration with your partners. Data security is our top priority, which is why Agistix owns and protects all your information.

Get up-to-speed with an agile approach

Constant changes in the market force companies to remain agile. With Agistix, you can get new partners up and running quickly with an intuitive interface that lets you change controls without IT involvement. In addition, our APIs make it easy to use your newly aggregated data in ways that drive even more value across your organization.

Learn how Agistix’s solutions can help you reach shipping excellence

A single platform for all your freight needs

More loads, more revenues. Upgrade your supply chain operations with our flexible, innovative visibility platform. You’ll save money and time — without having to call IT.

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