Digital Supply Chain Solutions Overview

Don’t just react to supply chain challenges.
Conquer them.

You’re under constant pressure to reduce your freight spend. But that’s tough to do when you can’t see the decisions partners are making on your behalf until well after the fact. A big challenge is that suppliers and carriers don’t have a way to connect to you through their own systems and processes—severely limiting your end-to-end supply chain visibility. How can you monitor all their transactions—and intervene quickly when they don’t meet your standards?

With Agistix Transportation Management System.

Our modern TMS platform is designed to work with older solutions and adapt easily to changes in your logistics and transport management infrastructure. You can extend your reach without burdening IT or changing processes—for you or your partners.

The result?

It’s suddenly easy to see transactional and transportation data for all orders and shipments in your supply chain. That means you can be proactive about savings opportunities—and easily measure the impact of your work.

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See all transactions from all partners

No matter what technology your providers and customers are using, Agistix digital supply chain software gives you a single command center for all transactional data. This includes all inbound and outbound orders and shipments, all modes, all service levels, and all geographies.

Anticipate and fix issues in real time

Agistix delivers aggregated data and automatic alerts that let you see—and address—areas of concern before they develop into costly problems. You no longer have to wait to audit compliance, manage exceptions, think about supply chain management optimization, increase efficiency, deal with disruption, or reduce costs.

Measure and quantify your supply chain performance

With Agistix, you get the numbers you need to prioritize your supply chain improvements. You can then measure the exact results of your changes—and let your stakeholders access this data through self-service, if you choose.

Totally visible supply chain at your fingertips

With hundreds or thousands of shipments in progress at any moment, you simply can’t monitor everything as it happens. Agistix does that for you, delivering at-a-glance shipment visibility with real-time tracking for all your shipments.

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