Centralized Supply Chain Data for Logistics Providers

Obtain end-to-end supply chain visibility through a global, on-demand visibility platform

Better supply chain management with Agistix

Logistics providers can gather and correlate data from stakeholders to improve performance and save costs:
Agistix provides infrastructure and automation to not only leverage data from key supply chain partners but also augment data from third-party applications, so you can uncover hidden insights.

Maximize your
partners’ logistics efforts

Upgrade your supply chain operations with our flexible, innovative visibility platform. You’ll save money and time — without calling IT.

Why does data management matter?

Order-to-cash cycle management

Eliminate any blind spots across the supply chain and provide more savings for your customers.

Seamless workflow

Filter information, audit compliance, and get automated alerts to address emerging challenges.

Seamless supply chain management

Regardless of the number of logistics partners and their tech capabilities, reach full-cycle transparency and centralize your supply chain management efforts.

Frictionless collaboration

Monitor every transaction and supply chain operation to grant transparent reports to your clients and detect where supply chain partners don’t meet your standards.

Data security

Own, manage, and protect your data and that of your partners for governance, compliance, and measuring key logistics objectives.

Logistics optimization

Accurately forecast ETAs, plan optimal routes, and proactively manage supply chain exceptions before they develop into costly problems.

visibility beyond TMS

Go beyond container tracking and get a bigger picture of the entire supply chain. With a realistic understanding of what’s happening at each stage, a visibility platform will provide a much better ROI.

Monitor cargo and get real-time, actionable data from all stakeholders

Access logistics data beyond the borders and modes: from dock to dock across the air, land, and sea.

Agistix helps you connect the dots between carriers, suppliers, vendors, and shippers — whether they use intermodal, multimodal or single mode transportation.


Over-the-road transportation is the most popular, widely used, and in-demand form of transportation. It is suitable for everyone, from individual shippers to major corporations.

Road transport also comes with a wide range of equipment and ways to ship.


The air is a highly dependable and fast mode of transportation for freight. Obviously, exceptional speed comes at a cost, and because of this, the air is primarily used by larger corporations.

This option is ideal for retail businesses and light enterprises.


Ocean shipping is mostly used by large and mid-sized organizations that require a frequent global shipment. When compared to flying, the ocean is a more cost-effective choice, despite being slower.

This form of transportation is ideal for shippers that need to deliver products across a distance of more than 400 kilometers. It also works for huge, dangerous, liquid, and unusually shaped freight.


Rail is an excellent choice for pre-planned long-hauls, and switching from over-the-road to rail might assist your supply chain in a variety of ways.


transportation savings


integrated data
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How does it work?

Streamline data from every partner

No matter what technology your carriers and customers are using, Agistix gives you a single command center for all transactional data. This includes all inbound and outbound orders and shipments, modes, service levels, and geographies.

Anticipate and fix issues in real-time

See and address all areas of concern before they develop into costly problems, with Agistix’s aggregated data and automatic alerts. You no longer have to wait for audit compliance — manage exceptions, increase efficiency, deal with disruption, or reduce costs.

Measure and quantify your logistics performance

Get the numbers you need to prioritize your supply chain improvements. You can then measure the exact results of your changes and let your stakeholders access this data through self-service if you choose.

Smooth integration with any software system or TMS

Visibility software covers the existing areas of your supply chain and closes gaps and blind spots that other systems cannot identify, instead of just relying on shipments booked through a TMS. Agistix integrates with ERP, TMS, APIs, EDI, and other technologies.

Total visibility at your fingertips

With hundreds or thousands of shipments in progress at any moment, you simply can’t monitor everything as it happens. Agistix does that for you, delivering at-a-glance real-time tracking across all your customers’ transportation processes.

SaaS cloud infrastructure

We provide secure cloud infrastructure for your data architecture, services, and storage. Apart from reducing IT costs and providing 24/7 access to the system, it also facilitates integration with your partners. Data security is our top priority, which is why Agistix owns and protects all information.

Learn how Agistix’s solutions can help you reach shipping excellence

A single platform for managing all transactional data

Data ownership pays dividends both internally and externally. Commit to long-term results with robust turn-key data infrastructure.

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