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Interview with CIO Applications: Agistix CEO Explains How Agistix Delivers True Supply Chain Visibility.

In July 2020, CIO Applications named Agistix one of the ten Top Logistics Technology Solution Providers of 2020. The listing is selected annually and nominates companies that are industry leaders at providing logistics technology solutions. In light of this award, Agistix CEO Trevor Read talks about the importance of real supply chain visibility, and the valuable benefits it can provide.

Key Challenges of Reaching End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Global supply chain infrastructure is just becoming too complex to comprehend.In this post-Covid world,  trying to keep track of all the manual processes and old technology fixes need to keep today’s cobbled together supply chains operating smoothly and cost-effective. Multiple stakeholders, suppliers, carriers, and partners all have different systems and technology, which makes it seemingly impossible to proactively manage supply chain exceptions, or define opportunities for savings without a sophisticated, integrated software solution. Even organizations that have an in-house IT department, they are often employing a reactive approach, focusing on other ‘more important internal issues.  

Agistix software enables customers to keep a finger on their supply chain’s pulse in real-time and at any stage from raw material movement to finished product to returns. A high level of visibility means minimal disruptions to a firm’s ability to quickly meet stringent customer product availability and delivery requirements. 

How to Reach Better Supply Chain Visibility?

While the structure and key elements of a global supply chain are relatively the same among different industries, every supply chain has its unique challenges and demands. Whether we are focusing on transport modes, particular regions, or inbound/outbound shipments, a customized approach is required in today’s rapidly evolving global business environment. To reach true visibility, companies need a technology solution that enables visibility into any supply chain model, from A-to-B parcel shipments to multi-stop, complex fulfillment operations. 

Monitoring a massive number of shipments and operations in real-time is extremely complex. The mission of a software solution is to centralize data in one virtual location and then make this harmonized data available across every point in the supply chain. This allows customers to detect issues at their source, before small issues balloon into expensive customer losing type issues. None of this is possible without seamless integration in such a complex, ever-morphing supply chain environment, where product delivery disruptions can be extremely detrimental to a  firm’s sales growth and revenues. 

Deep knowledge of internal challenges and extensive industry knowledge are key components to defining global supply chain insights and then applying practical solutions. Agistix enables organizations to successfully develop their supply chain infrastructure and optimize supply chain management. With more than 15 years of successful experience in the supply chain visibility arena, we have built a sophisticated and powerful platform for managing our customers’ global supply chain challenges today.

About Agistix Solutions

Established in 2004, Agisitix is a San Francisco-based supply chain solutions provider. Our sophisticated data and analytics tools integrate with a company’s existing technology and provide extensive insight into the processes across their entire supply chain at every stage. 

Agistix’s customers can take advantage of hidden opportunities for optimization and savings, and make sense of the growing volume of supply chain data. At the same time, no change to the customer’s current business process is required, and businesses are able to share data with all supply chain stakeholders. The solutions are built by leveraging the company’s deep supply global chain expertise and superior technologies.  
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Trevor Read

President at Agistix based in San Francisco. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for data, and technology. I am results-oriented and committed to developing fast-deployment solutions to help customers seize the new opportunity coming from big data in the global supply chain.

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