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Agistix Named Great Supply Chain Partner 2019 by Supply Chain Brain

Agistix, one of the industry’s most respected global supply chain technology providers, was named one of the100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2019 by today’s most prominent industry information resource, Supply Chain Brain.

Agistix is a global supply chain visibility platform provider that helps supply chain executives identify and address supply chain exceptions as they arise.  Allowing firms to tackle their most complex supply chain challenges in real-time, while also uncovering hidden opportunities for operational improvement across every stage of their supply chains. Since stepping into the market in 2004, Agistix has grown to become a  leading global supply chain technology provider. 

Each year, Supply Chain Brain subscribers submit their nominations of great supply chain partners, and editors publish the top 100 nominees. Readers nominate their partners on the basis of help and expertise in logistics, technology, and other areas of supply chain management. This year, Supply Chain Brain received submissions from organizations of all sizes. The key criteria for selecting award winners were reliability, excellence, value, problem-solving skills, support, positive attitude, global reach, positive attitude, and expertise. 

Agistix takes pride in being among the winners of the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners in 2019, as a reliable and value-generating technology provider for many businesses across the global supply chain industry. Our mission is to bring our customers continuous optimization through data centralization and true visibility” – commented Trevor Read, CEO of Agistix. 

Agistix was featured in the 100 Great Supply Chain Partners 2019 on

Learn more about Agistix’s sophisticated supply chain solutions here.


Trevor Read

President at Agistix based in San Francisco. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for data, and technology. I am results-oriented and committed to developing fast-deployment solutions to help customers seize the new opportunity coming from big data in the global supply chain.

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