Upgrade Your Supply Chain Technology Without IT Hassle

Upgrade your supply chain technology—
without calling IT.

Traditional vendors address complex supply chain challenges with complex technology. We take a different approach. We deliver a supply chain integration solution that adapts to your processes. We offer expert guidance to help you go live quickly. And we let you achieve the ongoing time and cost savings of the cloud-based transport management system. That means you and your partners can work the way you’ve always worked—and easily achieve your goal of ecosystem-wide visibility.

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Using legacy technology? No problem.

You and your partners probably use a wide range of technologies—some sophisticated, some not. That’s OK. Agistix can talk to your SCM systems without heavy integration. In fact, you can get started with Agistix even if you don’t have a TMS installed. We’ll use EDI, APIs, and other approaches to connect to your partners—and deliver the complete, aggregated data you need to drive results.

Tired of playing catch-up? We’ll help you build a lean and agile supply chain.

Constant changes in the market force you to remain agile. With Agistix, you can get new partners up, simplify the logistics management process and running quickly. Our intuitive interface lets you change controls without IT involvement. And our APIs make it easy to use your newly aggregated freight data in ways that drive even more value across your organization.

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Save time and money with cloud transportation management system. We’ll show you how.

With Agistix’s SaaS platform, all your data normalization, integration, architecture, and services are provided in the cloud. This can dramatically reduce your IT workload and costs. And no matter where you or your partners may be, you’ll have access to Agistix at any time, from any web-enabled device.

Carriers changed their systems? Don’t worry.

Today’s carriers are constantly tweaking their technology—presenting your IT staff with a lot of extra integration work on short notice. Agistix keeps you one step ahead. Because our TMS system requires only minimal integration with other platforms, you’ll be able to keep up without even calling IT.

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