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Building a Resilient & Proactive Supply Chain: A Roadmap to Automation 

The last decade was a redefining era for global supply chains in many ways. Acceleration of e-commerce, the rise of Amazon, and events like the COVID-19 pandemic have put a new supply chain priority into the spotlight — supply chain resilience. Additionally, these factors have exacerbated already existing issues within the industry, such as capacity […]

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API & EDI: Key Challenges of Supply Chain Integration

Global supply chains are complex environments that involve a myriad of stakeholders and technology systems. In these interconnected ecosystems, data integration facilitates the centralization and synchronization of information from all sources. When it comes to supply chain integration, there are two main technologies that enable data integration: APIs and EDI.  While API development and usage […]

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Supply Chain Visibility Software: In-House vs. Outsourced

Supply chain visibility can uncover  many hidden opportunities within a company’s global supply chain, and the most effective way  to reach this end-to-end visibility is through data centralization. In today’s complex, and ever-evolving, supply chain domain, robust visibility software is the recommended  way to aggregate and manage data and connect  numerous technology systems within a […]

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The Best Way to Increase End-to-End Visibility: A Supply Chain Visibility Platform

 Most companies vastly underestimate the  importance of supply chain visibility. It is critical for organizations to uncover and understand the key drivers that are restricting  their global supply chain visibility.  According to the “Supply Chain Visibility Report 2020” by EFT, the lack of industry collaboration isa primary obstacle to companies having true visibility: The trouble […]