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Top Digitalization Solutions for Global Supply Chains

Most business’ sectors are undergoing significant transformations as their operation  models attempt to adapt to an increasingly digital environment. Companies and entire industry sectors are reviewing their global supply chain approaches to identifythe  business changes needed to accommodate new global business needs. The supply chain industry is among the front runners for digital transformation. Traditional […]

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It’s All About Data: Essential Features for a Supply Chain Data Management Platform

Supply chain visibility is a vital global supply chain aspect, even though it has become a largely misunderstood and overused term. Not only are there different definitions of global supply chain visibility, but there is no cross-border consensus on how to describe the components of supply chain visibility. There are several definitions of visibility in […]

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How Supply Chain Control Tower Can Boost Performance

In today’s business climate, visibility is critical to maintaining control over global supply networks. Since global supply chains have become increasingly fragmented, control and visibility are becoming even more critical to the success of a global supply chain. For example, transparency into operations, allows businesses to detect emerging risks, cut expenses, and improve efficiency in […]

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How To Fit Your Supply Chain into the Circular Economy?

Over recent years, sustainability in supply chains has evolved from an industry buzzword to a strategic requirement for global companies. Even without large consulting reports, it is now evident that the traditional supply chain model has serious flaws and is harmful to the environment. As environmental issues become more apparent, both businesses and government officials […]

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Strategic Sourcing: What Does It Mean for Your Supply Chain?

Supply chain sourcing has traditionally been an integral part of the procurement process. While these terms can seem to have the same meaning, sourcing, unlike the complex procurement cycle, is referred to as the strategic search for product or service providers.  What Is Strategic Sourcing and How Is It Different from Procurement? Procurement encompasses a […]

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Top 3 Logistics Tech Trends For Shippers to Stay Competitive

The logistics and supply chain industry continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges. The last couple of years were transformative to the sector, and this volatility will likely continue into 2023.  Businesses, however, are becoming more prepared for the fluctuating supply chain environment and are tackling emerging challenges with data-driven decisions and technologies. Companies […]


Agistix Named a True Global Supply Chain Management Provider by Logistics Tech Outlook

Agistix, a leading visibility solution provider, trusted by supply chain executives across multiple verticals, has been recognized as the top supply chain solution provider in 2021 by industry expert Logistics Tech Outlook.   In an article highlighting the news, Trevor Read, President and CEO of Agistix, provided an expert outlook on supply chain data management and […]


How to Automate Digital Hygiene Across Your Supply Chain

In the modern supply chain industry where multiple stakeholders communicate and integrate with your systems every day, it’s critical to maintain digital hygiene to ensure supply chain security.  Digital hygiene means security measures to ensure you and your supply chain partners and providers are compliant with cybersecurity rules and regulations and take all the efforts […]

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What Is Supply Chain 4.0 and Where Does It Drive Value?

Many industries face dramatic changes as their business models are brought up-to-date with an increasingly digital world. Considering the turbulent times we live in, companies and entire verticals need to reevaluate their global supply chain approach to accommodate new demands.  In the supply chain industry, traditional linear supply chains are becoming a thing of the […]

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How the China Power Crunch Impacted Global Supply Chains

From mid-August, the large electricity outage in the majority of Chinese industrial provinces caused a domino-effect disruption, straining global supply chains. In an attempt to wean itself off dependency on coal and meet the targets for reducing carbon emissions, Chinese authorities forcefully halted electricity supply to the regions that did not meet their goal.  Amid […]