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How the China Power Crunch Impacted Global Supply Chains

From mid-August, the large electricity outage in the majority of Chinese industrial provinces caused a domino-effect disruption, straining global supply chains. In an attempt to wean itself off dependency on coal and meet the targets for reducing carbon emissions, Chinese authorities forcefully halted electricity supply to the regions that did not meet their goal.  Amid […]

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How to Accelerate Your Supply Chain With Micro-Warehousing

Warehousing is an essential component of any supply chain, regardless of the industry or region. Strong warehouse management execution is critical for a dependable pipeline to customers; an exemplary storage service is needed to support exemplary sales results. Furthermore,  more efficient warehousing capabilities enable firms to acquire control of their inventory and effectively manage optimal […]

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Closing The Gaps In Intermodal Freight Tracking

Intermodal transportation has been a primarily under-the-radar transport solution for a long time. As a combination of modes, it can offer a healthy balance of transportation speed, reliability, and cost. More and more businesses are looking at intermodal because it provides an alternative to standard trucking or rail. Though intermodal transportation links several transportation modes, […]

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Supply Chain Cybersecurity

Why Supply Chain Cybersecurity is Becoming a New Priority

The supply chain industry is becoming more technology-dependent, accumulating large volumes of sensitive and expensive data. Over the last few years, many companies have been migrating to the cloud and intensifying digitalization due to imposed restrictions. Today, we have a much more efficient and transparent supply chain ecosystem than ever before. However, with all the […]

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Midstream Oil and Gas Supply Chain practices

Optimizing the Midstream Oil and Gas Supply Chain: Best Practices 

Midstream transportation plays a crucial role in today’s oil and gas distribution and storage processes. There are many challenges that the midstream sector is facing that need to resolve, such as the environmental impact, fluctuating oil demand, and the generally complex nature of the oil and gas supply chain. Coordinated transportation and technology investments can […]

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Building a Resilient & Proactive Supply Chain: A Roadmap to Automation 

The last decade was a redefining era for global supply chains in many ways. Acceleration of e-commerce, the rise of Amazon, and events like the COVID-19 pandemic have put a new supply chain priority into the spotlight — supply chain resilience. Additionally, these factors have exacerbated already existing issues within the industry, such as capacity […]


Agistix Honored as a Great Supply Chain Partner 2021 by Supply Chain Brain

Agistix, the industry’s leading supply chain software provider, was recognized as one of the100 Great Supply Chain Partners of 2021 by one of the industry’s most reputable information resources, Supply Chain Brain, for the third consecutive year. Agistix, an industry pioneer in global supply chain data management, helps supply chain teams centrally manage inbound, outbound, […]