Digitizing For End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

Last year was full of transformative processes for the supply chain industry, and this trend will continue in 2022. It has become very clear that for smart and effective decision-making, supply chain leaders need end-to-end visibility.

With increased digitization, there are plenty of opportunities to streamline and correlate disparate data from multiple sources to gain visibility. Having a transparent, well-integrated supply chain keeps you up to date on all current processes and helps you to identify problem areas early on. 

Visibility and simultaneous monitoring also help to reduce the time it takes to respond to disruptive activities, reducing the amount of damage done.

What is end-to-end supply chain visibility?

Access to all processes and goods involved in the supply chain is what supply chain visibility entails. Transparency and real-time insight into shipments, inventories, transactions, operations, and payments, among other things, are included.

The capacity to track and trace everything that happens in the supply chain from manufacturing to the end consumer is known as supply chain visibility.

In today’s business climate, visibility allows companies to maintain control over their supply networks. Because outsourcing supply chain activities have become so popular, and because supply chain management involves so many parties, control and visibility are constrained. 

Transparency into operations, on the other hand, allows businesses to proactively manage exceptions, cut expenses, and improve efficiency. Why is end-to-end visibility important? 

According to a report by Cloudleaf, 92% of respondents say they can’t trust the data coming in from third parties within their supply chain. In addition to that, only 6% of companies globally believe that they have reached complete supply chain transparency. 

Digitizing for better visibility might not be an easy road, but it is a necessary step to a more trustworthy, efficient, and profitable supply chain.

How to reach visibility with supply chain digitization?

In the coming year, businesses will prioritize investing in powerful visibility and automation tools; but before you invest in visibility technology and software, you need to know what these tools can do for you. 

A supply chain visibility platform is an integrated software system that allows you to trace things as they travel from the producer to the end customer, from raw materials to completed goods. Visibility software, in addition to shipment tracking, provides insights and simplifies operations throughout the supply chain.

The supply chain visibility platform is an important tool for ensuring a stable and transparent supply chain. It can assist companies in streamlining operations, tracking shipments and inbound and outbound transactions in real-time, viewing historical data, and analyzing supply chain gaps. The use of SCV software opens a plethora of supply chain optimization and profit-margin-increasing benefits. This technology aids businesses in optimizing their supply networks, increasing on-time delivery rates, lowering operational and personnel costs, automating procedures, and improving supply chain cooperation and communication.

How do visibility platforms help digitize the supply chain?


A supply chain visibility platform minimizes the need for manual tracking and tracing, improving overall supply chain performance and reducing manual errors. A visibility platform, powered by AI-enabled technologies, can quickly pinpoint developing bottlenecks in the supply chain. 

Automation, in the end, lowers labor costs, provides visibility to supply chain flaws, improves on-time delivery, and boosts overall efficiency across all operational processes and activities.


A large amount of cleansed, historical data is required to design and improve your supply chain strategy. End-to-end supply chain visibility is provided by a full-featured visibility software, including not only shipment tracking data, but also simplified operations KPIs.

You can bring clarity to your supply chain plan, and obtain the greatest outcomes, by employing a data-driven approach. One of the main advantages of visibility software is that it relieves you of a load of repetitive and manual activities, allowing you to concentrate on avoiding problem and strategic planning.


Manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, retailers, and end customers all benefit from the end-to-end visibility brought by a centralized data environment. Transparency to transactions, along with easy communication and real-time control, all comingle to provide a single version of the supply chain data truth.

Today’s global supply chains are extremely complicated, risk sensitive and fast-paced. Teamwork and connection are critical. Teamwork is needed between all entities in this big and complicated ecosystem, to realize true visibility across your supply chain.

Better service 

Given how consistently the requirements of good customer service continue to rise, providing clients with access to order tracking is no longer a choice, but a requirement. Trained by Amazon, and others, your end customers now want to track their packages in real-time using a supply chain visibility platform. 

Reach end-to-end visibility with Agistix

Agistix can help you tackle your supply chain challenges with our high-end visibility software. Our key advantage is a seamless integration that requires no change to your regular business flow. However, after implementation, you will see results in as soon as 4 weeks: 

  • Reduced operations and transportation costs
  • Operations automation to reduce manual errors
  • End-to-end visibility for any transaction and shipment
  • Improved order fulfillment and inventory functionality
  • Reduced labor costs
  • A proactive approach to detecting supply chain gaps 

We deeply understand the pain points of your supply chain. Our extensive business expertise enables us to offer a multifunctional, easy-to-use software solution that makes your supply chain as easy to read as the back of your hand!


kateryna ponomarenko