Agistix Named a True Global Supply Chain Management Provider by Logistics Tech Outlook

Agistix, a leading visibility solution provider, trusted by supply chain executives across multiple verticals, has been recognized as the top supply chain solution provider in 2021 by industry expert Logistics Tech Outlook.  

In an article highlighting the news, Trevor Read, President and CEO of Agistix, provided an expert outlook on supply chain data management and shared a few insights about the visibility platform. 

The challenge with supply chain data management

Many supply chain firms are struggling due to a lack of in-transit and spend visibility pertaining to inbound and third-party shipping activities. The fundamental difficulty is created by data fragmentation among internal and external systems, paired with a scarcity of usable tools, or the infrastructure needed for data centralization and correlation.

Shippers, carriers, forwarders, and other supply chain participants will continue to update and embrace new technology at their own pace. As a result, Agistix will always recognize changing formats to to connect, automate, and standardize data from disparate data sources throughout the supply chain ecosystem.

A Practitioner provides an expert outlook on the solution

“We take data feeds directly from our customer’s carriers and correlate, normalize and automate the data across modes without any dependence on internal IT resources or disrupting business operations,” says Trevor Read, the President of Agistix.

“Our modern set of APIs makes any piece of data available on-demand, as clients and partners evolve their internal system’s capabilities. With a firm belief that data is the rocket fuel of the 21st century, our objective isn’t to merely provide clients with shipment visibility or TMS functionality, but rather to furnish an all-encompassing ‘supply chain data management platform”.

“We develop software knowing that we’re going to be the ones maintaining code and infrastructure, and consequently, we’re always building for the long-term. Only then  can we truly help clients forecast and manage freight spend, measure on-time performance, monitor supplier routing compliance, proactively manage exceptions, and make it easy for them to leverage data insights automatically,” Read explained. 

About Agistix 

Agistix was founded in 2004 with the goal of offering clients a full SaaS TMS for rating, booking, and monitoring shipments across all means of transportation. Agistix has developed a strong platform to accommodate the exception-oriented nature of international shipping and the complexity of supplier execution for inbound and third-party shipments.

Agistix’s transaction-based architecture effectively scales across all shipping modes (parcel, LTL, TL, ocean, and air), as well as multi-leg, multi-stop, international, hazardous, and other complex supply chain situations.

The company employs a robust, bidirectional integration layer to convert data from the most up-to-date or primary data sources across the whole transactional lifecycle — all the way from order to invoice.

Agistix works with customers to turn data into usable information and, where necessary, stream data back into their own data warehouses for even more complete analysis. Agistix has assisted many clients over the last 17 years by being highly diligent with platform architecture, adaptability, and scalability.


Trevor Read

President at Agistix based in San Francisco. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for data, and technology. I am results-oriented and committed to developing fast-deployment solutions to help customers seize the new opportunity coming from big data in the global supply chain.